Avenue Deli operates similar to a restaurant. We make everything FRESH as soon as you order!

You will not find our sandwiches displayed in a glass case with “good until dates” on them.

Avenue Deli’s Chefs create ready to eat sandwiches using Natural ingredients, Non Processed meats, and High Quality food.

Thanks to their passion and creativity we’re able to offer tasty specials and accommodate special requests.

We specialize in Authentic Montreal Smoked Meat, Old Fashioned REAL Milkshakes, and Nathan’s Famous All-Beef Hot dogs.

For the Coffee lover we are proud supporters of ROSSO Coffee Roasters. Bringing only the finest local coffee to Marda Loop.

Since the Gluten Free eater has become a regular in the Deli, we offer a selection of Gluten Free Homemade soups provided by Nourish Soupworks, sandwiches that can be prepared on Gluten Free bread and even our Famous Authentic Montreal Smoked meat is Gluten Free!!