Speciality Sandwiches

We offer Gluten free option for an additional charge of $2.00
  • The Russain

    • $ 15.00

    Smoked meat and roasted turkey piled on rye bead, topped with our homemade Russain sauce, Swiss cheese and toasted till golden brown.

  • The Lean & Mean

    • $ 15.00

    Grilled chicken, smoked meatn, Swiss cheese, garlic aioli, red onion tomatoes and hot sauce. Toasted to perfection. 

  • The Rachel

    • $ 13.00

    Smoked meat, house made coleslaw, homemade Rusaain sauce, Swiss cheese, toasted till golden brown. 

  • The Avenue Club

    Triple decker on texas toast, smoked meat, turkey, cappicola ham, lettuce, tomatoes, house made Russain sauce, mayo, and mustard. 

  • Smoked Meat Grill Cheese

    • $ 13.00

    Cobbs Sourdough, Blend of havarti, cheddar, gouda, and smoked meat.

  • Pesto Tomatoe Grill Cheese

    • $ 12.00

    Cobbs Sourdough, Blend of havarti, cheddar, gouda, sliced tomatoes, homemade pesto sauce.