Take Home Smoked Meat

Our Authentic Montreal Smoked Meat is Gluten Free, and comes Sliced or Unsliced, Lean or Fatty

By the Pound $18.50 (Serves 3-4)
By the 1/2 Pound $9.25 (Serves 2-3)
(Add a loaf of our Light Rye Bread & our Homemade Mustard to your Take Home Smoked Meat Order)

How to prepare our Take Home Authentic Montreal Smoked Meat:

1. Fill a large pot or Dutch oven 1/3 full with water; bring to a boil.

2. Set a rack or strainer inside the pot but above the water. Set the whole, a portion, or
sliced  brisket on the rack so that it rests above the water. No part of the brisket
should be submerged in the water.

3. Cover and let steam for about 7 – 10 minutes per pound.

4. The brisket is fully steamed and ready for slicing when a fork can penetrate the
brisket with no resistance [fork will slide in easily].

5. Remove the brisket from pot. Using a sharp long blade knife (8 – 12 inch blade recommended), cut off thin slices.  It’s important to always slice the meat across the
grain for maximum tenderness.

6. Pile high on Rye and add your favorite mustard.

7. ENJOY!!!!!